Somatic Movement Therapy and Education

Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy is a holistic approach to Somatic Movement Therapy and Education based on principles of Body-Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement and Somatic Psychology.

The Institute currently offers training and professional development in the UK, Lithuania and Russia.

In 2015 we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the training programme, founded in 1990 by Linda Hartley, with a new 3-year IBMT Diploma Programme in the UK. It will run from September 2015–June 2018. The Institute has also been in discussion with the University of Chichester, and initiated a new Masters Programme for Somatic Practitioners. Beginning in September 2015, IBMT Graduates will be able to undertake Masters-level study.

IBMT Diploma Programmes

Moscow, Russia: September 2013–June 2016
Vilnius, Lithuania: September 2014–June 2017
Cambridge, UK: September 2015–June 2018

MA Somatic Practices by Independent Research

September 2015 – June 2016


Photo by Christian Kipp

IBMT is an ISMETA-approved training programme and BMCA allied organisation

* Body-Mind Centering® and BMC® are registered service marks of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen,
used with permission.

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