About IBMT

The body experienced from within

In the field of Somatic Movement Therapy, ‘Soma' has been defined as ‘the body experienced from within' (Thomas Hanna), and this perspective forms the basis of IBMT study and practice. The work is based on an understanding that what we need for our healing and growth lies within, and can be accessed as we become aware of and learn to follow our internal embodied process. It seeks to empower the individual to participate creatively in the healing journey by developing trust in his or her inner knowledge and intuition, and acquiring skills with which to access the wisdom of the body and mind.

The IBMT approach

The IBMT approach is based on and integrates principles from three core areas of practice and theory:

Through the practice of Embodied Anatomy and Movement Repatterning we learn to awaken awareness in the body through focused touch, breath, imagery, sensitively guided movement and vocal expression, allowing the innate cellular intelligence of the body-mind to guide our explorations. Areas of tension and blockage can be released and the core of inner support and strength experienced. As habitual patterns in the body change or become more flexible, the mind also changes, allowing for greater openness, choice and spontaneity of being and perceiving.

The BMC® approach to Infant Movement Development also forms a core element of IBMT training, and in-depth exploration is supported by studies in Authentic Movement and Somatic Psychology.

Our programme

The IBMT Programme offers workshops, training and professional development courses intended for those working or training to work in the fields of somatic movement, dance, and the arts therapies; bodywork; psychotherapy and counselling; health, education, and the caring professions. Courses involve both theoretical and experiential components, with a strong emphasis on the embodiment of taught material.

CPD and training modules are designed to support personal growth, and to develop skills with which to facilitate the unfolding of process through the body, involving: