Diploma Programme

The IBMT Diploma Programme is being offered in England (see below), in Moscow, and in Lithuania.

We are now accepting Applications from those who wish to join Module 5: Somatic Psychology, of the UK Diploma Programme, which begins in September 2017. New students are welcome to apply.

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The Diploma consists of a rolling programme of five Modules, that are usually taken over 3 years. Please see below for details of the content of the Modules, along with dates, cost and venue.

As well as attendance at all Modules, some home study will be required. The primary focus of the training is embodied practice, so participants will be expected to engage in personal movement and peer practice between seminars. Reading lists will be given at the start of each Module, as support for the experiential learning.

At the end of Years 1 and 2 trainees will submit a written paper. After all Modules have been completed, a written case study will be required for the final assessment. 

Photo by Christian Kipp

Module 1: Infant Movement Development  

Module 2: Authentic Movement and Therapeutic Presence

Module 3: Embodied Anatomy and Movement Re-patterning: Body Systems 1

Module 4: Embodied Anatomy and Movement Re-patterning: Body Systems 2

Module 5: Somatic Psychology

Graduates of the Diploma can apply to ISMETA for registration as a Somatic Movement Therapist and / or Educator.

All trainees and graduates are also welcome to become members of BMCA and IBMTA - Europe.