IBMT practitioners


Fully qualified to practise as an IBMT practitioner
Has completed three years of training and is qualified to integrate IBMT into their practice; Certified Diploma Candidates may offer reduced-rate IBMT sessions

Has completed a two year programme in Embodied Developmental Psychology - Infant Movement Development, Somatic Psychology and Authentic Movement - and is qualified to integrate this work into their practice
IBMT Associate
Has completed a significant part of the IBMT Diploma curriculum and is an ISMETA-registered practitioner integrating IBMT into their practice

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Susanne Barry Bsc Hons, American Board of Hypnotherapy Cert. Dip IBMT, Body Control Pilates Cert (Hertfordshire)

My passion is the unique interactions between mother and baby. How the body and movement grows the brain and how communication between parents and babies can be joyfully enhanced by Developmental Movement Understanding. 

Tel: +44 (0)7711 847 415 / Email: Web-site:

Paul Beaumont BA Hons, Dip Coun, RSMT, Dip IBMT (Devon, West & South West England, London)

Paul is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist offering 1:1 sessions for adults, and for babies, young children and their parents. He is also a developmental movement practitioner and trainer. He works in a private practice, as well as in association with schools and early years educational settings. Sessions available in the South West and nationally.

Tel: +44 7967 558 254 / Web-site:

Rosey Cole (Padmadarshini), Dip IBMT (Manchester/ North West)

Rosey has long been interested in exploring and working with her body as a way of resourcing and supporting herself. She loves to share this with others and has practised and taught yoga at Bodywise in Manchester for many years. She has a background in meditation and Buddhist practice. Rosey offers both individual and group sessions in somatic bodywork and movement therapy. She also runs workshops exploring how mindful movement can support people living with chronic pain and ill health.

Tel: +44 1457 834 844 / +44 7551 925 335 / E-mail: / Web-site: 

Penny Collinson MA, Dip IBMT, RSME (North-West England)

Penny works in private practice as a somatic movement practitioner and Authentic Movement teacher. She also works as a Supervisor. Her background spans twenty five years of professional dance including improvisation, contemporary and creative dance. She is a senior lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire and course leader on MA Dance & Somatic Well-being: Connections to the Living Body.

Tel: +44 1524 409 487 / E-mail: 

Fabiano Culora BA Hons, PT Foundation UK Ltd, Dip IBMT, RSMT, RSME (London, Leeds)

Fabiano has a private practice working as a somatic movement therapist, body worker, Pilates and yoga teacher. He also teaches experiential anatomy and movement improvisation classes in theatre and dance settings. His research interest is in the relationship between expressive moving arts and therapeutic processes. Fabiano's personal ongoing practice of Authentic Movement underpins his work as a therapeutic witness. He is registered with ISMETA.

Tel: +44 7747 121 291 / E-mail:

Linda Hartley MA, IBMT Director, Cert BMC, RSMT, SRDMP, CTP (Norfolk)

Linda is a somatic movement therapist, transpersonal and body psychotherapist, Authentic Movement teacher, and writer. She runs workshops and retreats in Norfolk, and is founding director and senior trainer of the IBMT training programmes in the UK, Lithuania and Russia. Her work brings together forty years of experience in  movement, meditation, healing and therapeutic arts.

E-mail:, / Web-site:

Rachel Lambert BA Hons, MA, Dip IBMT (Cornwall, West & South West England)

Rachel is a Somatic Therapist and Educator offering individual sessions, workshops and classes for personal or professional development. She has a compassionate, non-judgemental approach, aiming to empower individuals within their own lives, supporting the body's intelligence and the innate healing process through touch, movement and body-mind awareness.

Tel: +44 7903 412  014 / Web-site:

Brenda Naso Dip IBMT, MA RDMP, DMP Clinical Supervisor (London)

Brenda is a somatic movement therapist and dance movement psychotherapist. She has experience working with children, adolescents, adults and acute & chronic mental health. She also teaches on the MA DMP at Goldsmiths College. Her practice of Authentic Movement deeply influences her work. She sees in the body’s expressions a potential resource for profound holistic change.

E-mail: / Web-site:

Beverley Nolan RSME/T, Dip IBMT, E-RYT500 (Cambridge)

Beverley offers individual IBMT therapeutic sessions and small Authentic Movement group work in Cambridge. She integrates somatic themes and techniques into her personal yoga practice and teaching, traveling widely through the UK offering workshops and short training modules.

Tel: +44 (0)7957 250 619 / E-mail: / Web-site:

Jane Okondo Dip IBMT, MA, RSME, RSMT, CRST (London and South West England)

Jane is a registered ISMETA Integrative Bodywork and Somatic Movement therapist, and CRST Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. She is based in London and offers individual sessions and workshops throughout the UK and in Europe. Her sessions include infant movement development and body systems, Somatic Psychology, Continuum and Authentic Movement.

Tel: +44 (0)7500 838 563 / E-mail: / Web-site:

Aki Omori Dip IBMT (London)

Aki offers somatic movement therapy in a private practice in London. She has a particular interest in early development / relational trauma and is qualified as a Neuro Affective Relational Model (NARM) therapist. She is also a yoga teacher who draws material from various somatic works, teaches embodied anatomy on yoag treacher training courses. She offers public workshops on somatic movement and fscilitates residential training in resotrative yoga/yoga therapy from a somatic perspective. 

Tel: +44 (0)7966 204 842 / E-mail: / Web-site:

Isobel Terry Dip IBMT (Leeds, Yorkshire, the North)

Isobel offers therapeutic sessions with individuals and educational work with groups/individuals in Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy. She has a background in youth/community work and visual arts; creative writing from the body particularly interests her. She is influenced by Process Work and regularly practises Authentic Movement and witnessing.

Tel: +44 7906 227 626 / E-mail:

Amy Voris BPhil, MA, Dip IBMT (Manchester)

Amy offers individual sessions and group workshops. Her facilitation work is concerned with cultivating the qualities of depth, sensitivity and play in relationship. Her background in dance and current research with Authentic Movement underpin her practice. She has worked in higher education for fifteen years delivering a range of dance-related subjects at Laban, London Contemporary Dance School, Birkbeck College, Coventry University, The Northern School of Contemporary Dance and Manchester Metropolitan University.

E-mail: / Web-site:

Mari Winkelman Dip IBMT, MA Dance and Somatic Wellbeing, Dip Psychosynthesis Counselling (Stroud, Gloucestershire)

Mari is an Integrative Body and Movement Therapist and Integrative Counsellor. She works therapeutically with adults who are suffering from health and emotional challenges by collaboratively strengthening people's relationship to their body and inherent resources. She also facilitates deep body connection and movement groups and workshops, in which the focus is on sensory awareness whilst she guides attention into specific body structures and systems.

Tel: +44 (0)7932 440 827 E-mail: / Web-site:


Barbara Erber MSc, RDMP, Dip IBMT (Austria-Vienna, Belgium-Brussels, Scotland-Edinburgh)

Barbara trained as a dance movement psychotherapist. She worked with traumatised adults and children in various settings, focusing on the relationship between physical symptoms and trauma. Barbara devotes time to therapeutic and teaching work as well as a PhD studying how fear of self-expression in movement is processed in Authentic Movement.

E-mail: / Web-site:

Sona Zackova MA, Cert IBMT, RSMT (Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scottish Borders)

Sona works as a somatic movement therapist in private practice where she offers individual sessions and group workshops. She volunteers as a person-centred counsellor with adults affected by childhood sexual trauma and post-natal depression. She hopes to weave in the somatic work into counselling. Her approach is based on that by following what we feel, sense and intuitively know we can connect to our inner wisdom.

E-mail: / Web-site:


Charlotte Darbyshire Dip Dance, Fellow of Higher Education, Cert IBMT (nr Abbeville, 2hrs from Paris & Brussels)

Charlotte is a somatic movement practitioner. She has 20 years experience working as a dance artist, educator, choreographer and facilitator. She was a founder member of CandoCo Dance Company and specialises in working with disabled people in integrated settings. She now runs an inter-disciplinary arts initiative in Northern France and offers workshops, artist residencies and individual sessions based on her IBMT training and principles of Body-Mind Centering©

E-mail: / Web-site:


Stefan Beier Dip IBMT (Berlin-Brandenburg)

Stefan works in private practice as a somatic movement therapist and BodyMind coach. He also runs workshops and training courses especially with a focus on gender issues and men-women relationships, and specialises in men’s health. Furthermore he assists in a spiritual and consciousness development training with Thomas Hübl.

Tel: +49 332 0520 3185 / E-mail:

Frauke Burchards Dip IBMT, Physiotherapie, New Dance (Göttingen)

Frauke has worked in a psychosomatic clinic for over fifteen years. She also offers sessions and workshops in bodywork and dance based on Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy in a private studio. Children and adults are welcome. In her work she connects detailed knowledge about the physical body with sensation, emotion and the joy of movement.


Maren Hillert Dip IBMT, Heilpraktikerin, Dance Educator (Berlin)

Maren is a trainer for the IBMT Diploma Programme in Moscow as well as in Vilnius/Lithuania. Settled in Berlin she is creating and teaching her own somatic therapy training, combining somatics, voice- and chakra work together with Susanne Kukies. In addition to her intensive teaching work, she runs her own practice in Berlin where she gives individual sessions based on Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, Contact Improvisation, and early child development. Her current interest is to support adults in re-exploring their inner process around birth in order to find deep healing. 

E-mail: / Web-site:

Heike Kuhlmann MA, Dip IBMT, Dip Physical Ed. and Biology, Dance (Berlin)

Dance is art, dance is healing. Heike teaches contemporary dance, Contact Improvisation and movement classes, in which the principles of Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy are integrated. She works as a freelance dance artist and offers also individual sessions.

E-mail: / Web-site:

Cornelia Schmitz Dip-Psych, Psychological Psychotherapist, Dip IBMT (Braunschweig)

In her private practice Cornelia offers body based psychodynamic psychotherapy, supervision and Authentic Movement for individuals and groups. She also runs workshops in "Bewegungsgewebe". Her work is rooted in her profound interest in conscious awareness and the subtle and material tissues and processes of our being as embodied human creatures. 

Tel: +49 5317 7626 / E-mail: / Web-site:

Elke Sirowy Cert IBMT , Dip-Psych, Psychological Psychotherapist (Hamburg)

Elke is a psychotherapist and has worked in her own practice in Hamburg since 1993. Drawing from her professional experience and various therapeutic trainings, she integrates bodywork and movement therapy, body psychotherapy and psychodrama therapy in her work. Horses and other animals are a source of inspiration for her.

Tel: +49 4038 3789 / E-mail:

Ania Witkowska Dip IBMT, RSMT, RSME (Berlin)

Ania is a somatic movement therapist and educator based in Berlin. She has a special interest in parent-baby understanding, offering family consultations and group sessions in Berlin and via Skype. Her workshop for professionals, "Understanding Babies-Insights from the Field of Somatics", has travelled to Moscow, Vilnius and Dresden and is due to come to London in 2016.

E-mail: / Web-site:


Leticia Fernandez-Rua Santafé Licenciada en Arte Dramático (RESAD), Fulbright awarded, Designated Linklater Teacher, Dip IBMT (Madrid, Valladolid), IDME.

Leticia offers individual therapeutic sessions and work with groups in the field of voice/body/somatics. She has worked for many years on the research of voice/body in theatre and performing arts. She is interested in working with children and parents to offer support with infant movement developmental. Authentic Movement is her practice of nurture and support. Leticia is an Infant Movement Developmental Educator with the Body-Mind-Centering Association in Europe.

Tel: +34 6303 19798 / E-mail: / Web-site:


Anna Panster Cert IBMT (Kraków)

Anna is a movement teacher and a somatic practitioner. She offers individual sessions and dance/movement classes, supporting people in finding their resources and creativity. In her approach, Anna integrates somatics, contact improvisation, Authentic Movement, and her passion for Process Oriented Psychology (3-year training). Originally from Russia, she currently lives in Poland and works in Russian and English.



Anna Begunskaia Cert IBMT (Saint-Petersburg)

Anna offers Thai massage (school of Chaing Mai, Thailand) and individual sessions based on Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy. In her practice, she integrates somatics, Authentic Movement and voice yoga. Anna organizes somatic and experiential anatomy classes in Saint-Petersburg.

Tel: +7 9045 113 583 / E-mail:

Maria Grudskaya Dip IBMT (Moscow)

Maria has a private practice working as a somatic movement therapist. Since 2003 she has been practicing contact improvisation (CI), contemporary dance and somatic disciplines. She teaches CI, movement improvisation, contact dance in water, and body awareness classes in Russia and abroad. Maria is an organiser and teacher of CI festivals and the IBMT Diploma Programme in Moscow.

Tel: +7 9629 338 312 / E-mail:

Nina Kungurova Cert IBMT (Moscow)

Nina offers individual IBMT therapeutic sessions and educational work with groups. Her practice and study of the Discipline of Authentic Movement with Janet Adler deeply influences her work. She offers Authentic Movement individual sessions and regular groups. The embodied conscious is the core of her work. She also studies Process Oriented Psychology.

Tel: +7 9165 175 494 / Email:

Liliya Semashko Cert IBMT, Dr.Sci.Biol., "Russian Academy of Music" (RAM) Gnessins's higher music education (Moscow)

Liliya offers individual and groups sessions as IBMT specialist and the author of the System of adaptation of the organism to high psychophysical loads (SPPA). The purpose of the classes is a conscious reflex restoring of individual anatomical physiological norms of body position in space and disclosure of ability to free self-expression through dance improvisation, that as a result of the competent of consistent work improves the functional state of the organism.

Tel: +7 9165 175 494 / Email: